NN is part of a trilogy devoted to the thread.

The titled comes from the initials of the two words used in one of the works, but moreover refers to the latin term nomen nescio meaning name not known.

The Polish words “nić” and “nic” mean thread and nothing respectively. The value of these two terms could be considered opposite, symbolically, which makes it similar to Giovanni Anselmo’s visibile and in-invisibile. The thread which culturally has been affiliated with a symbol of human existence and solution to a problem or way out is ironically reduced to the idea of nothingness in this literal game.

In the photograms, the thread is placed on paper and leads the gaze from one edge to the other. Meanwhile, the background upon which it was placed gradually changes, like a scale of grey turning from pure black into pure white (it reminds one of the ‚no signal’ image of a TV). We lose the track of the thread in the white field not because it disappears or changes but rather because what is around it changes. Existence has been affiliated with the thread because of its constant value. I’d like to think of the thread on white as nomen nescio. We might know such person was, but somehow in our conscience, he or she cannot materialise as a person truly.

– 2010-2011


silver gelatine fribre based prints, dimensions variable


acrylic on wood 70x90 cm