the beginning the end

the beginning the end is part of a trilogy devoted to the thread.

The series of works endeavours playfully into an ironic game with how an image is perceived:

To some from the left to the right, the same way as the Westerners read. To others on the contrary from the right to the left (the same way they read). The beginning and the end become inseparable notions: ‘To conceive all, the separations should be abandoned’ (Lao Tzu).

A photogram image of a thread becomes a line for the gaze to follow, alike the Thread of Ariadne or the one controlled by the three Moirai. What occurs is that whether the side of a thread visible in the works is the beginning of it or the end is irrelevant, what matters is since we cannot grasp control over both sides, we cannot control the symbolic destiny. And so the only two things in our lives we have no control of: the begging and the end.
Meanwhile, the blue of the works remains of utmost importance, it is the most immaterial of all colours.
And the print of the thread, i.e. an existential symbol and as such supposedly more real in the form of a negative image, produces, in fact, nothing and in this case blank paper.

This white empty trail leads the eye, which thanks to it experiences what is supposedly the background (the blue), but at the same time something that this empty existence defines.
Of course, blue is just a colour. What matters is, how far can you see…

On the floor a stack of grey ash.

‘Dust to dust’, or translating literally: from ash you raise, into ash you turn.

– 2010


cyanotype on paper, 42x60 cm each


pencil on paper, 21x29,7 cm each

installation I

installation: thread

installation II