The daily questions

The daily questions is an ongoing series of neon questions, and one is produced every year.

Throughout my practice, I am looking for questions rather than answers.
My questions do not have a form of a guiding question, they are statements pointing towards the importance of producing an answer individually, and so lead to a certain self-realisation (similarly as zen masters teach their students not through lecturing them or providing with individual sets of truths but through practice and posing questions).

These questions are thus a situation in which the question (and so the quest of the artist) is being moved onto each of the singularity of the audience, like in a happening.

They are constructed to accompany several ideas parallelly and follow the development of different works (and are often put together with other elements of various installations) although are essentially thought as something which can be put in a wide variety of contexts.

– 2013

Do you believe in art?

(2013/2016) neon, 25x148 cm

What do you desire?

(2015) neon, 25x145 cm

Where does your heart belong?

(2014) neon, 25x145 cm

How far can you see?

(2013) neon, 25x130 cm