Awake and Dream. Documentation

Awake and Dream. Documentation is a documentation of exhibition Awake and Dream held at Signum Foundation Palazzo Donà in Venice in 2009.

Awake and dream was not a museum exhibition. Very soon, it appeared to me the space which serves, additionally to being an exhibition space, as a space of life and work, can create completely different contexts, or rather it can change the usual contexts of exposed artworks. Everyday objects placed unintentionally by the residents would create the contexts anew. I felt it became somehow a series of site-specific situations in such a ‘site-specific’ place.

Awake and dream was not an event celebrating the artworks understood as particular objects (paintings, installations, etc) but all the situations and meanings which they became part of.

The project was commissioned by Signum Foundation.

– 2009


archival pigment prints, dimensions variable


HD video