Outside the frame – private collection in Lodz

There are spaces for art.

There is public space of a gallery or a museum, and one cannot miss these places most certainly deprived of any individuality hold some kind of hostility towards their visitors.

There is also a space of people’s life and work, where belonged originally. Such space creates completely different contexts, or rather it changes the contexts of the exposed artworks. A treasury of meanings held by every work of art reveals itself through interaction with such individuality. Everyday objects placed unintentionally by the residents would create contexts anew. These minuscule details, suddenly become visible through the lens of a photographic camera. Paraphrasing Stefan Themerson, what is art, is not because of its very own value or form, but it becomes art because of the viewer. What is revealed is the very essence of the collector’s passion, not through a statement of a curatorial program, but ‘life’ of selected artworks accompanying the life of its owner.

This particular set of photographs has been created at a private house in Lodz. It is a part of an ongoing series of art documentations Outside the frame.

– 2013


archival pigment prints, dimensions variable