Particolare is a documentation of exhibition PARTICOLARE. Art That Sparks Unrest held at Signum Foundation Palazzo Donà in Venice in 2011.

Particolare – (n.) detail, singularity; (adj.) specific

“The exhibition deals with the complex relations between contemporary art and politics and poses the difficult question of the place of radical art in contemporary democracies. […] The first element of the show’s title, Particolare, is derived from the work of an Italian artist Giovanni Anselmo.”

It was the third out of the exhibition trilogy curated at Palazzo Donà in Venice (previous exhibitions – Awake and Dream, Light and movement were documented in the form of series Awake and Dream. Documentation and Blue Red Green respectively).
The three exhibitions discussed different problems, but there was a similarity to them: the works of art were rather an inspiration in building a new curatorial idea, rather than an attempt to organise several artworks and assign them to the established art movements or themes.
It is the idea behind, not the exhibition itself, which I decided to document in this series. My Particolare records only selective impressions of very few artworks to juxtapose or rather recompose them with my own works (typescripts). The idea becomes transformed into a concrete form of the word ‘particolare’. It is deprived of complex political references and allows a more abstract and point-blank experience, leaving no place for doubt or misunderstanding.

– 2011

photography, drawing

archival pigment print (dimensions variable), typescripts (29,7x21 cm)