Let Life be Beautiful like Summer Flowers

We are constantly trying to position ourselves to prove our value and the understanding of the Self is predicated on the understanding of the Other, which is external to the Self.

The ” I ” is always trying to justify itself, we create objects constantly and use them to justify the existence of the subject or to realize the subject through the creation of objects, you and me, you and us, social classes, friendships, marriages, religions, races, political parties, nations, ideologies, psychological states, social institutions. These material and immaterial forms become reflections of our Self and reflections of our search for the Self. We touch, taste, observe, listen to the world around us, and try to visualise the abstract self by absorbing it and reshaping it as we see it. We create reflections.

Our contemporary social context is characterized by extensive historical information, complex social structures, changing economic patterns and political relations, and accelerated technological developments that make the “echo wall” even more complex and diverse. At the same time, they are the inspiration for artists to experiment, test, investigate, criticise, reflect, explore relationships, change or create new objects.

Creating art also requires an understanding of “reflections” and “past habits”, a familiarity with materials, phenomena and objects, an interdisciplinary imagination, a rearrangement of conceptual structures and the use of visual means to make “creations” in an original language.


12 August – 24 September 2023


Art Biesenthal |Wehrmuehle Museum
Wehrmuehle Biesenthal, 16359
Art Biesenthal


Photos by Jack Hare

Artists Andreas Blank, Leon Emanuel Blanck, Lucas Foletto Celinski, Amélie Esterházy, Bethan Huws, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Zvi Hecker, Vera Kox, Michal Martychowiec, Maju, Shinoh Nam, Manuel Rossner, Antoni Starczewski, Anna Talens, Claudia Virgina Vitara, Linhan Yu
Curator Dan Chen