Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

The current war in Ukraine has caused death, displacement and suffering of the people once again trapped within the playground of great powers. Europe has become, not for the first time,  the centre stage for what could erupt into the greatest crisis known in history. Like in the past, the war gave birth to emotions and sentiments, perhaps, only slumbering among inhabitants of this continent shamed with the most savage warmongering history.

With the sale of this work from the series Josephine the artist wishes to do little he can to ease the suffering of the innocent .

Josephine as a political symbol functioning in practice of Michal Martychowiec has been devoted to life and freedom. It is thus appropriate for the artist to abandon any profits from sales of the below edition of works. All proceedings will be donated to the Ukrainian mission of the Red Cross Foundation.


Hexachrome print on satine paper
60×50 cm

numbered and signed edition of 99

450 Eur (shipping within Europe included)

Please direct orders and enquiries to studio@michalmartychowiec.com


Josephine is a work of art in the form of a living rabbit. While alive, an artwork, and when dead, a being of art history. In this sense, it is a reenactment of art history and at the same time contingency of art history. In its form it continuously questions the paradigm of art. Throughout Josephine’s life, various works have been made, within which the rabbit functions as an incorporated work of art and a symbol.